Club Repair or Regripping

Get Comprehensive Club Repair and Regripping Services

We Can Help You With Regripping Golf Clubs

Regripping is important because regular use can cause a grip to become worn out with sweat, dirt, or regular wear and tear. Bad grips can cause slips which in turn causes the player to lose some control of the club, which as we know, can lead to a bad shot.

It is widely recommended that an amateur should regrip at least once a year to maximize a club's potential and to help you score your lowest scores. Let us help you today! Schedule an appointment by calling us at 701-775-0019 to get your clubs regripped today. 

Golf Club Repairs

New clubs can get expensive, plus you have formed a unique player and club bond through your many rounds together, sometimes the best option for a club can be to repair it. 

Things like cracked shafts, sharpening and cleaning grooves, and making sure the angles and lofts are checked are critical in maintaining your clubs. Get your clubs checked today to make sure you are maximizing your clubs potential. 
To get your clubs regripped,
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The staff at The Golf Center can help you with club repair and regripping services.

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